Mark is tasked with having 100 customers complete a survey by the end of this month. It is the last week of the month and he only has 25 responses. He goes to his boss’ office to ask for an extension on the project.

Mark: Hey, Jeff. Do you have a minute?

Jeff: Sure, Mark. What do you need? How’s your assignment going?

Mark: That’s actually what I wanted to discuss. Out of the 100 responses, I have only received 25. Even though I still have another week, I know I won’t be able to finish.

Jeff: Mark, I have already given you two extensions. This shouldn’t be so difficult. You have access to the customer database.

Mark: I understand. I have been calling five customers everyday.

Jeff: Why only five customers? What else have you been doing all day?

Mark: I keep busy. I answer the phones and emails.

Jeff: Mark, all employees answer phone calls and emails. The only difference is that the other employees manage to finish their other work, too. This is unacceptable. You have one week to send me that report. I have given you ample chances.

Mark: Understood. I will try to get it to you.


  • Why is Mark unable to reach his goal?