A conversation with Fernando, who speaks Portuguese and English.

How did you learn English?

Hi! I learned English by watching TV and stuff. Mostly Dragon Ball. But also through my interactions daily [daily interactions]. Mainly through television though.

What was that process like?

Is there an expression in English that you really like?

What is a big difference between Brazilian-Portuguese and English?

A big difference of [between] English and Portuguese is [that] there is [are] a lot of th‘s in English. And that sound th th th is in a lot of words, this, that, the, for example. And that learning that was difficult, and combining that with other letters like three, like a lot of Brazilians will put an f in there like fhree or you know, tree… not pronounce the ‘h’ so that’s a though part. Also, they’ll pronounce ‘thanks’ like ‘thank you’ with like a tank, tank you. So getting the th th that’s a tough difference to get over.
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  • How did Fernando learn English?
  • Which sounds do you have a hard time pronouncing? 
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