Becca is calling Fromino’s to order pizza. 

Roland: Hello, Fromino’s. Please hold. 

Becca: Hi, ok. 

After 30 seconds. 

Roland: Hello? 

Becca: Hi! I’d like to make an order for delivery. 

Roland: Sure! Give me your name, address, and phone number. 

Becca: My name’s Becca and my address is 101 Stew Street. My phone number is (434) 334- 4444.

Roland: Ok, Becca. What would you like to order? 

Becca: I’m going to order one large pepperoni pizza and one large Hawaiian pizza. 

Roland: Alright. That’s $34. How would you like to pay? Card over the phone or cash with the driver?

Becca: I’ll pay in cash. 

Roland: Ok, it’s going to be around 30 minutes. 

Becca: Ok, thanks! 

Roland: Have a good night! 

Becca: You, too! 


  • What is your favorite type of pizza?