Everyone has habits. From brushing your teeth to drinking coffee every morning, most people have more habits than they would think. Some habits, like meditating, have numerous positive effects on the body. Other habits, like scrolling on a phone for two hours before going to sleep, can be seen as negative. The goal should not be to create more habits, as much of our daily lives is habitual, but to make slight changes to make our already existing habits better. Live your life more intentionally. Here are four slight changes you can make to your habits:


  • Mindful eating: Everyone eats food, but many people eat their lunch or dinner while watching a TV show, answering emails, or reading a book. For at least one meal a day, eat mindfully. This means you focus on the food you are consuming. Focus on your tastebuds and how the flavor feels in your mouth. Realize how quickly or slowly you are eating. Not only is this a more relaxing way of eating, it is also a way to enjoy your food more. 
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator: If you work or live on the third or fourth floor of the building, try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. This small amount of exercise will help your blood start moving for the day. 
  • Pause and reflect: It is common to binge-watch five episodes of a show, watch numerous Youtube videos in a row, or spend hours reading a book. Every half hour, take time to pause and reflect, perhaps even taking notes. Even if this is your down-time during the day, this is a way to help you remember what you are consuming, instead of just watching mindlessly. 
  • Elevated showers: Take something, like showering, which needs to be done and make it more relaxing. Light some candles and play some soothing music.


  • Are all habits good? Explain.
  • Do you prefer to have habits or live spontaneously?
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