Maxine recently bought a blue dress online. When it arrived in the mail, she realized that it was too big. She also found that the dress looked much better online than in-person. She goes to the store to return the dress. 

Maxine: Hello! Can I return this please?

Aria: Of course. It didn’t fit correctly?

Maxine: No, it didn’t. 

Aria: Do you want to switch it for another size?

Maxine: No, that’s okay. I pictured it differently when I saw it online. It’s not really my style. 

Aria: I’m sorry to hear that. I can either give you store credit or reimburse your credit card. 

Maxine: It would be great if you could reimburse me. 

Aria: Absolutely! 

Aria types on the computer. 

Aria: Okay. You’ll see the money back in your bank account in 3-5 business days. 

Maxine: Wonderful! Thank you for your help! 

Aria: My pleasure. Have a good day!

Maxine: You too! Good-bye