Maxine recently bought a blue dress online. When it arrived in the mail, she realized that it was too big. She also found that the dress looked much better online than in-person. She goes to the store to return the dress. 

Maxine: Hello! Can I return this please?

Aria: Of course. It didn’t fit correctly?

Maxine: No, it didn’t. 

Aria: Do you want to switch it for another size?

Maxine: No, that’s okay. I pictured it differently when I saw it online. It’s not really my style. 

Aria: I’m sorry to hear that. I can either give you store credit or reimburse your credit card. 

Maxine: It would be great if you could reimburse me. 

Aria: Absolutely! 

Aria types on the computer. 

Aria: Okay. You’ll see the money back in your bank account in 3-5 business days. 

Maxine: Wonderful! Thank you for your help! 

Aria: My pleasure. Have a good day!

Maxine: You too! Good-bye

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Kim Watkins
Kim Watkins
1 year ago

If the choice was to reimburse Maxine’s credit card, then she will not see the money back in her bank account in 3-5 business days because she didn’t offer to deposit the refund into Maxine’s bank account. The funds came from a credit card, in which case she will only see the credit to her credit card account when it is reflected on her credit card statement and that could be her next one if it is prepared after the reimbursement goes through, or the following statement if she gets her next one before the reimbursement goes through.