• Do housework: “I’m going to do all of the housework on Sunday.”
  • Do the laundry: “I have to do the laundry today.”
  • Do the dishes: “I try to do the dishes as soon as I finish eating.”
  • Do the shopping: “I have to do the food shopping for the week.”


  • Do business with someone: “Craig, it’s always a pleasure doing business with you!”
  • Do some work: “I need to do some work before I go to the gym.”
  • Do homework: “I have so much homework that I need to do.”


  • Do exercise: “I’m trying to do more exercise.”
  • Do your hair: “I’m getting my hair done on Saturday.”
  • Do your nails: “I usually do my nails myself instead of going to a salon.”
  • Do something (plans): “Do you want to do something this weekend?”


  • Do a good job: “Good job on the presentation today!”
  • Do the right thing: “You did the right thing by telling me the truth.”
  • Do your best: “All you can do is do your best.”
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