• Come on time: “You are expected to come to work on time at 8AM.”
  • Come prepared: “You need to come to meetings prepared.”
  • Come to a decision: “Did you come to a decision on the Philips case?”
  • Come to an agreement: “We came to an agreement for my pay raise.”
  • Come to a conclusion: “The meeting came to a conclusion when it was time for lunch.”
  • Come up with something: “Juan is a good salesman because he can always come up with something on the spot.”


  • Come close: “We came close to ending our relationship several times.”
  • Come first: “Family comes first.”
  • Come to terms with:”I came to terms with the fact that I cannot control others.”
  • Come clean about: “I came clean about the missing vase.”
  • Come to mind: “Nothing comes to mind.”
  • Come to an end: “Our friendship came to an end when she lied to me.”
  • Come back: “I hope you come back to visit!”