After speaking briefly over the phone, Melissa meets Mark, a physical therapist, to work on her shoulder pain. 

Mark: Hey! Thanks for coming in. Tell me, what’s been bothering you?

Melissa: Hi! Yes, it’s just as I told you on the phone, a sharp pain on my left shoulder.
Mark: Got it! I think we can do some work to strengthen your upper back. Any restrictions on movement?

Melissa: No, my doctor said as long as I don’t push too hard and there’s nothing to worry about.
Mark: Excellent! We can start with a light routine and build up as you get stronger. What days work for you?

Melissa: It depends on how often we have to do it.
Mark: I recommend every other day for the first month. Later on you can decrease to twice a week if you want.

Melissa: Got it. We could start tomorrow since the week already started, but after that I’d like to do Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I can’t come Sundays. Is three days a week alright?
Mark: That’s fine! Three days a week is still enough to make progress. Can you make it to the 7:30 slot?

Melissa: Yes, I can.
Mark: Great! Will you be paying monthly, weekly, or per session?

Melissa: Does monthly offer the best discount?
Mark: It sure does!
Melissa: Awesome, I’ll do monthly then.

The customer fills out an application, signs a liability waiver, and pays for a month of private work out classes.

Mark: Alright, I think that’s everything! See you tomorrow! Don’t forget to bring water and a towel.
Melissa:  Will do! See you tomorrow!

Mark: Oh wait! Do these exercises tonight. They’ll help you feel less pain before bed.

Mark gives Melissa a list of shoulder stretches.

Melissa: Thank you!


  • Why does Melissa need to see a physical therapist?
  • What should she bring to her appointment?