• Get a job: “I really need to get a new job.”


  • Get married: “I got married last June.”
  • Get divorced: “I got divorced three months later.”
  • Get drunk: “I got really drunk last night.”
  • Get dressed: “It takes me five minutes to get dressed in the morning.”
  • Get ready: “I take hours to get ready before leaving the house.”


  • Get a joke: “Did you get the joke? You’re not laughing.”
  • Get together: “We got together for drinks after work.:
  • Get in trouble: “I used to get in trouble all the time at school.”
  • Get lost: “I got lost when I went hiking.”
  • Get home: “At what time did you get home last night?”
  • Get a headache: “I got a headache around 1PM today.”
  • Get a ticket: “I got a parking ticket today.”