Do you ever struggle to learn or recall new words? If you do, you’re not alone! As an intermediate to advanced learner, your daily intake of new words has probably slowed down since you first started learning English.

Also, unlike beginners, you’re probably coming across words that are harder to retain or bring up in daily conversation. But don’t worry! Follow the tips below to grow your vocabulary no matter where you are in your English learning journey!

Read, Read, and Read: Nothing expands your vocabulary faster than becoming an avid reader. Habitual reading will expose you to words that are likely to be repeated throughout the book.
Read Widely: Alternate between different topics, writing styles, and genres to expose yourself to niche vocabulary and new terminology. Not sure where to start? Join our reading club.
Go Local: Challenge yourself with materials designed for and by English speakers like vocabulary.com or visuwords.com.
Play Games: Crosswords and trivia quizzes are great ways to test your knowledge. We recommend dictionary.com and funtrivia.com.
Sunday Comics: Check out weekly comic strips from major newspapers: we recommend gocomics.com.

Are these tips helpful? Comment below if you have tried them or have suggestions of your own!


  • How do you acquire new vocabulary?
  • Write down two tips other learners could use.