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      Language Snaps

      One of the best ways to master a new language is to create a plan. Start yours by writing out your 2021 learning goals. Be as detailed as possible, and when possible, specify deadlines and activities. For extra practice, follow the tips below. Then share your submission with us.

      Writing Tips

      • Use phrasal verbs to illustrate how plan on achieving your goals. I.e.: “I will improve my vocabulary by writing down new words” or “I will practice conversation by hanging out with other students.”
      • Add conditional sentences to communicate what will happen if you achieve your goals: i.e. “If I work hard everyday, my English will improve” or “If I stop reading, I will no longer learn new words.”

      Guiding Questions

      • What are your goals this year?
      • How will you achieve them?
      • What will happen when you achieve your goals?
      • How will you pick up new vocabulary? (pick up: learn)
      • How often will you go over your notes? (go over: review)
      • How will you prevent falling behind? (fall behind: to not be on schedule)
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      Example 1: My learning goals for 2021 are to become a more confident speaker, learn new vocabulary, and improve my writing. To achieve these goals, I will write down phrases and words on a journal, spend more time reading out loud, and hang out with other leaners.

      Example 2: My 2021 goal is to commit to at least 15-30 minutes of daily language practice. If I fulfill this commitment, my English will definitely improve. But if I break it by forgetting or getting distracted, my progress will stagnate. Since fluency is important to me, I will do my best to stay on track! First, I will choose a designated study area. Then, I’ll hang up a wall calendar with weekly activities. Finally, I’ll set up a reminder on my phone to make sure I never forget to practice.

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  • What are your goals for the upcoming year?