In this episode of Moving Out, Hunter answers an ad for a 1 bedroom/3 bathroom apartment.

Hunter does not hesitate: he quickly calls Mark to set up a visit and is immediately accepted into the household. Since there are three bathrooms, Mark, Hunter, and Henry (the third housemate) get their own ‘facilities’. The weird part is – there is only one shared bedroom.

At first this does not faze Hunter. But as time passed, he worries that he accepted the wrong ad. As it turns out, the shared bedroom has exactly one dresser, one nightstand, and one bed. Furthermore, all other promised amenities are limited too! The supposed ‘gaming center’ has exactly one Xbox controller while the ‘gym’ has exactly one weight.

To make matters worse, in lieu of a detailed schedule or timed rotation, Hunter and Henry have to adhere to Mark’s sharing is caring policy. In other words, they have to immediately give up the bed, gaming center, or gym whenever Mark says the phrase sharing is caring.

Although it’s only been a few weeks, this setup is starting to take a toll on Hunter. Have you had similar experiences? What would be your advice to Hunter? Share your thoughts below and stayed tuned for the next episode.


  • Have you ever shared a house or apartment with roommates? If so, what was your experience like?
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