Mary is terrified of flying. She asks her coworker Andy for advice. 

Mary: I bought my ticket to visit my daughter in California. Oh man! I’m so nervous! Last time I was on a plane, there was so much turbulence.

Andy: Don’t be nervous! Turbulence is completely normal. Just distract yourself on the plane. Maybe try to sleep.  

Mary: I’m usually too nervous to do anything but worry. Sometimes I can focus on a movie, but only if it’s a very good movie. I definitely can’t sleep a wink.

Andy: When’s the flight?

Mary: In December.

Andy: December? It’s only May. Why are you worrying about it now? Stop thinking about it!

Mary: Cut me some slack, airplanes are so scary!


  • Are you afraid of flying? Explain.
  • What is your biggest fear? Why?