Carrie’s First and Last Blind Late



Carrie was not fond of blind dates, but when her best friend Sally told her that she had found her perfect match, Carrie reluctantly agreed to go on a date. “His name is Dave. He’s a banker, just like you. He’s also from California, just like you!” Sally excitedly told Carrie over the phone. Carrie was going through her closet trying to see what she would wear for the date. She quickly chose a loose-fitting black dress and paired it with some flats. The closer it got to 7 o’clock, the more Carrie’s gut told her not to go on the date. “I’m not sure about this, Sally. I don’t even know the guy and now I have to spend two hours eating dinner with him.” “Don’t worry,” replied Sally. “Worse comes to worst, you can text me and I will call you with a fake emergency so that you can leave.” 

Carrie arrived at the restaurant five minutes early. Punctuality has always been important to her. She texted Dave “Hey, I’m waiting outside of the restaurant.” After 15 minutes of awkwardly standing outside of the restaurant, Carrie saw a man walking towards her. “Hi! Are you Carrie?” “Yes, Dave?” “Yes, sorry I’m so late. I was playing video games with my roommate and lost track of time,” Dave said while opening the door for Carrie. When they were seated, Carrie tried to start a conversation. “I hear you’re a banker.” “Oh wow! I was years ago. I was fired five years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. What an awful career! I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. So, what do you do for a living?,” said Dave. “I’m a banker,” replied Carrie.

There was an awkward silence, and then the waiter came. Dave ordered for Carrie without asking her what she wanted. He ordered two steaks without knowing that Carrie was vegetarian. Carrie, unsure of what to do, texted Sally for help. Within minutes, she received a call, apologized profusely, placed cash on the table, and left as quickly as she could. That was her first and last blind date. 


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