A conversation with Allison, who speaks English and Spanish.

What is your name and what languages do you speak?

Hi, my name is Allison. I’m of Puerto Rican descent and I have been speaking English and Spanish my whole life.

What is your favorite English expressions?

One of my favorite English expressions that I use often is I feel you, which means, pretty much, that I understand or I empathize with what somebody else is saying.

What is an English expression you don’t like?

An English expression that I think is over used is that’s crazy as a response to just…a lot of different things.

What is a Spanish word you use frequently?

A word that we use a lot from Spanish that makes its way into our English conversations is abuelo and abuela for my parents that my children use them as a title. They don’t use grandpa or grandma.


  • Is there an English expression or word that you think people overuse? Explain.
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Ashwini Kashyap
Ashwini Kashyap
1 year ago

I think word ” like ” is over used.