Esteban is traveling through California and cannot find his hotel. He stops Bea on the street and asks her for directions. 

Esteban: Hi, can I ask you a quick question?

Bea: Sure. 

Esteban: I’m a tourist and I’m lost. Do you know where the Barriot Hotel is? 

Bea: Oh, no. I don’t. If you want, I can look it up for you on my phone. 

Esteban: That would be great. 

Bea: Ok, you’re really close. You need to go down Mariam Street for three blocks and then you go right onto Bark street. You walk two blocks on that street and the hotel should be on the right

Esteban: Thank you so much! Have a good day!

Bea: No problem. You, too!


  • Are you good at following directions?
  • Do you get lost frequently?