Melinda is walking into Ernesto’s salon to get her haircut. 

Ernesto: Hi, welcome to the salon. Have a seat

Melinda: Thanks!

Ernesto: What are you thinking for your haircut today? 

Melinda: I think just a trim today. Shoulder length would be good. 

Ernesto: Around here? Demonstrating with his hands. 

Melinda: Exactly. 

Ernesto: Okay. Let’s start by washing your hair. 

After her hair is washed, Ernesto begins cutting Melinda’s hair. 

Ernesto: Do you want some layers or just a straight cut?

Melinda: Just a straight cut. 

Ernesto: Is this the length that you wanted? 

Melinda: Yes, perfect. 

Ernesto: Okay. Let me blow dry your hair and you’ll be ready to go. 

Ernesto hands Melinda a mirror to see her hair.

Melinda: This is exactly what I wanted. Thanks, Ernesto. 

Ernesto: No problem! I’m glad you like it!


  • How often do you get a hair cut?
  • Can you describe your current hairstyle?