• Have a meal: “I had breakfast at 6AM this morning.”
  • Have a snack: “I had an apple for a snack.”
  • Have a cup of coffee: “I have three cups of coffee everyday.”
  • Have a cup of tea: “I have a cup of tea to help me fall asleep.”


  • Have a busy day: “I had such a busy day today. I had seven meetings!”
  • Have an exam: “I have three exams this week.”
  • Have an idea: “Do you have any ideas for the pitch?”
  • Have a problem: “I have a problem: I have too many files on my desk.”
  • Have a day off: “I have a couple days off next month.”


  • Have a party: “I’m having a party this weekend. Want to come?”
  • Have a baby: “She’s having a baby!”
  • Have a headache: “I’ve had a headache all day.”
  • Have a fight: “My husband and I have only had fights over silly things.”
  • Have a relationship: “I don’t have a relationship with my sister. We haven’t spoken in years.”


  • Have a good time: “I had such a good time last night.”
  • Have a good day: “I hope you have a good day!”
  • Have time: “I never have enough time to finish all my work.”
  • Have a game: “I have a soccer game tomorrow night.”
  • Have an accident: “I had a little car accident on my way home.”