Jeff is going to the optometrist to get a new prescription for his contact lenses. 

Macey: Hi, Jeff. Come in and have a seat there. Let me take a look at your eyes. 

Macey moves the machine and looks at Jeff’s eye

Macey: Everything is looking healthy. Do you think your prescription has changed since last year?

Jeff: Yes, I’m having trouble reading far away. 

Macey: Alright. I’ll show you a set of letters and we’ll go row by row. Just read the letters out to me, please. 

Jeff: Z, H, E, F

Macey: Good. Try the last line.  

Jeff: Um. I think it’s P, D, G, H. 

Macey: So your eyesight has worsened a little. Now you’re -3 on both eyes. Have you had any problems with the brand of contacts?

Jeff: No. Sometimes my eyes get dry at night. Then I take them out. 

Macey: Okay, well that shouldn’t happen. I’ll recommend that you switch to this brand which helps with dryness. 

Macey hands Jeff a set of contacts.

Jeff: Great! Thanks. 

Macey: Alright. That’s all. See you next year! 


  • Why does Macey suggest a new brand of contacts?
  • Would you rather go to the optometrist or the dentist? Explain.