Annabelle is waiting in the lobby for an interview. She recently graduated from law school and is hoping to secure a position at this prestigious law firm. 

Receptionist: Annabelle? Joyce will now see you in her office. The room number is 342.

Annabelle: Wonderful. Thank you!

Annabelle walks to the room and knocks on the door. 

Joyce: Come in. Hi, Annabelle. I’m Joyce. Nice to meet you. 

Annabelle shakes her hand. 

Annabelle: Nice to meet you, too. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me. 

Joyce: Jumping right into it- I see you graduated top of your class. Very impressive. What made you study law?

Annabelle: Well, I think my skill set pointed me in this direction. As an undergraduate student, I studied Literature which helped me fine-tune my analytic skills. I am also very hardworking and organized. Moreover, I am very passionate about justice and working with underrepresented groups in society to make sure they are given fair verdicts. 

Joyce: Interesting. Would you classify yourself as a self-starter on projects, or do you prefer guidance? 

Annabelle: I believe to get a job done correctly, both are needed. Naturally I am more keen on taking the lead and working independently, though I always ask for a second or third pair of eyes  in case I have missed something. 

Joyce: So, do you feel you often lack confidence in your decisions?

Annabelle: On the contrary. I always try to make decisions I feel confident in and use other’s advice as I see fit. 

Joyce: Excellent. Well, your resume and transcripts are both very impressive. We’ll keep in touch about the position. 

Joyce stands up and shakes Annabelle’s hand before leading Annabelle out the door.


  • Describe a past job interview you went on.