Mark hates going to the dentist. It takes him months to even make an appointment. He usually goes once every year and a half instead of the recommended once every six months. He looked at the calendar on his phone and frowned. This afternoon, he had to go to the dentist during his lunch break at work.

He had told his boss it would probably take close to two hours for the hygienist to clean his teeth, take XRays, and for the doctor to see him. Though he knew the routine of going to the dentist, it still terrified him. He hated the drilling noise, the suction device, the talking to the hygienist while having ten different tools in his mouth. He arrived right on time for his appointment and was led to a room. The hygienist put a bib over his shirt and got to work flossing and brushing Mark’s teeth.

In the room there was a TV where they were playing Mad Birds, Mark’s favorite movie. Distracted by the movie, he was finished with the cleaning faster than he expected. Then, the doctor came in to tell him he did not have any cavities. Walking out of the dentists’ office, Mark felt relieved that it was finally over. “It wasn’t that bad”,he thought. “Maybe I’ll go back in six months for my next cleaning,” he said to himself knowing he would probably postpone it like he always did. 


  • Did Mark's trip to the dentist go how he expected it to go? Explain.
  • Do you enjoy going to the dentist? Why or why not?
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