Mike is next in line to order coffee. 

Jenna: Hi! Welcome to Miller Cafe! What can I get you?

Mike: Hey! I’ll have a cappuccino. 

Jenna: Sure. What size?

Mike: Medium.

Jenna: Awesome. Milk or sweetener?

Mike: Do you have non-dairy milk?

Jenna: Ya we have soy and almond milk.

Mike: Great! I’ll take soy milk and no sweetener.

Jenna: And a name for your order?

Mike: Mike.

(Takes out credit card)

Jenna: Ok! It will be $4. You can enter your chip when you’re ready.

Mike: Thanks!

Jenna: You’re all set! Your drink will be ready in a couple minutes and we’ll call out your name.

Mike: Cool, thanks.

Jenna: Oh wait! Here’s a cookie on the house.

Mike: Awesome!


  • Do you prefer coffee or tea?
  • Do you enjoy going to coffee/tea shops? Why or why not?