When I was a child, I loved scaring my younger sister. I would hide behind doors and yell “boo!” several times a day. Soon enough, she learned where I would hide and started to expect the scares. So, I decided to kick it up a notch: I started to scare her in public. I would hide between aisles at the grocery store and jump out when I saw my sister coming. My mom would scream at me, but I really didn’t care.


Then, one day, I learned my lesson. We were at the bookstore and I was crouching beside a pile of books when I saw someone in a red shirt approach me. “That’s her!,” I thought. “Boo!” I yelled and jumped out. When I looked up, I was shocked. It wasn’t my sister, it was my science teacher!


  • How did the narrator learn their lesson?
  • Why do you think the narrator enjoys scaring their sister?