A hurricane is in the Atlantic ocean and appears to be heading towards Venica, the city where Mary and Frank live. 

Mary: I’m very stressed about this hurricane. Do you think it will hit Venica? 

Frank: I’m not sure. Since it’s still Thursday, I think it’s too early to know for certain. Some forecasts say that it will move over us on Monday. 

Mary: Do you think we’ll have to evacuate? 

Frank: It’s too early to say. You can still start preparing. You should buy at least enough water to last your family a week. Also buy food that doesn’t need to be refrigerated and make sure you have any medication you may need. You should also fill your car with gas and make sure you know your evacuation plan. Do you live in a house or apartment? 

Mary: I live in an apartment on the fifth floor. We have hurricane-proof windows though. 

Frank: Great! Then you don’t need to worry about shutters, you’ll be safe and sound there. Make sure to bring in all of your balcony furniture as a extra precaution.

Mary: Thanks so much for all this advice!


  • Have you ever experienced a hurricane?
  • How would you prepare for one?