Felicity loved fashion and dreamed of being a fashion designer since she was a girl. Her grandma taught her how to sow when she was five and she hasn’t stopped since. She started by making bags and then graduated to shirts and pants. She often went to the fabric store with her mom in search of bright colors and cute patterns. She especially loved anything with a floral design.

Today Felicity decided to start her own clothing line – “Felicity’s Fun Fashion”, I’ll name it, she thought to herself. She opened the camera on her phone and started taking pictures of everything she had made that she could sell. There were shirts, pants, dresses, skirts, and her signature bags. She opened Instagram and started posting one after the other marking each with a price. $300 a shirt seems fair, she thought to herself. $500 a bag, she listed. This way, she figured, she only needed to sell one item in order to have over three years worth of allowance money. She then proceeded to follow as many accounts as she could. Now, it was a matter of time.

Everyday, she anxiously opened Instagram only to be disappointed by the lack of action. She had collected a few likes and comments, but no sale. She began marking sales with 90% off. Surely, this will work. I’ll still make $30-$50 per piece. Strangely enough, it did work. In a matter of hours Felicity’s Fun Fashion sold out. She couldn’t believe it! She heard a victory song playing. Strange, she thought. Then she heard her mom calling her name.

She opened her eyes. She had fallen asleep after taking the pictures and had dreamt the rest. “Huh, maybe I’ll sell my items for $30 instead of $300. What was I thinking!”


  • How old do you think Felicity is? Why do think she is that age?
  • Have you ever had an idea for a business? Explain.