It was the perfect summer day. Alice looked out the window and had a view of the ocean. She could see other children playing in the sand and making sandcastles. She wanted to make a sandcastle so badly. “Mom, mom! Please take me down to the beach,” she said. “Give me twenty minutes to finish this email and then we can go. Start getting everything ready. Put the sunscreen, towels, water, and snacks into a bag,” the mom replied. “Twenty minutes?,” Alice thought. Since she was so excited, she didn’t know if she could wait that long.


She ran to her room and put a bathing suit on. She put a dress over the bathing suit and put her flip flops on. Then, she ran to where the beach bag was and stuffed it with a shovel and a bucket for her sandcastle. She threw the sunscreen and towels and snacks in there, too. She ran to her mom to tell her the good news. Her mom was on the phone and motioned Alice to give her a minute. “Enough,” said Alice walking to the door, turning the knob and walking out. She had decided she would go to the beach by herself.


  • Why doesn't Alice's mom want to go to the beach?
  • Is Alice patient or impatient? Explain.