My great-grandmother was going to die. The doctors told us that she had a lot of internal bleeding and since she was 98 years old, they thought surgery would be too risky. They said she had a 70% chance of dying in the next three days if the bleeding didn’t stop. On Wednesday, we all kissed her and went back home.

Since her condition was still bad, my father called a priest to go to the hospital and anoint her before she died. The next day, my great-grandmother was still alive. The doctors said the bleeding had stopped on its own. “We gave her medicine to counteract her blood-thinning medicine and it worked,” he said. We went inside the room to see her.

She woke up and said to my father “I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that a priest was here and lit candles and prayed by my bedside.” My father replied “That wasn’t a dream! We all thought you would die! I called the priest to come anoint you.” My great-grandmother with a smirk on her face said “Me? Die? No, not yet.” Two weeks later, she was back home.


  • Why does the narrator's father call a priest?
  • Why is the great-grandmother confused by the priest?
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