If you live in a big city, you may have noticed numerous new gyms and fitness studios popping up. There are now more free and paid options for working out than ever before. It can be overwhelming at first, but finding out how to work exercise into your schedule will have numerous benefits for your mind and body.

Work out at home

Thanks to the Internet, you can look up a free workout video on Youtube. There are videos for everyone which focus on working out different parts of the body, like your abs or legs. There are also videos to suit your interests, like yoga or dance. Even though you’re not leaving your house, be ready to work a sweat!

Work out outside 

There’s nothing like going outside and inhaling fresh air. If the weather permits, go on a walk or run outside. Some cities also have outdoor gyms where you can work out for free. Biking, roller blading, and skateboarding are also great forms of exercise. 

Work out at a studio

If your budget permits, try working out at a studio which offers group classes. The classes will range from yoga to cycling to rock climbing. In big cities, there are studios to match every interest. Studio classes have the added benefit that you will have an instructor to keep you motivated even when you think you need to stop. 


  • Why might someone choose to work out at home instead of at a studio?
  • Where do you prefer to exercise? Why?
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