Tina loved Valentine’s Day, mainly because she loved the candy hearts that have little messages written on them. One will say “I love you”, while another one will say “be mine”. They always made her smile as she ate them. Since today was February 1, Tina knew that stores were beginning to sell the candies. She rushed to the supermarket and bought two packs. She drove back home ready to eat the candies while watching her favorite Rom-Com.


She flipped on the TV and opened the bag, excited to read the messages. The first candy said “Hey you”. She laughed and threw it in her mouth. The next one read “Meet me at Starbucks”. She was a little confused, but not alarmed. “Maybe I bought a special Starbucks pack?” The next one said “Monday at noon”. “Is this a joke?” she thought. She checked the packaging and there was no mention of it being a special edition. She pushed the candies to the side and decided it was so unlikely that the messages were directed towards her. She turned off the TV and went to sleep. It was Sunday night and she needed to have energy for the busy week ahead. 


  • Why does Tina become nervous when she eats the candy?
  • Describe a reason why the candies have messages on them.