Here at Language Snaps, we’re no strangers to writing about animals. We wrote a lesson on the age-old cats vs dog debate and regularly feature furry friends in our snaps (i.e. Stay out of my Territory! and Benefits of Owning a Cat). But we’ve never shared our opinion on what it means to bring a pet into your household.

We believe that having pets is a privilege – not a right. And that caretakers should be diligent about properly feeding, housing, and loving their animal pals. Recently, we were sad to read a report on animal cruelty. We were surprised to learn that throughout the United States, “animal abuse is common in both rural and urban areas”. We learned that dogs and roosters are still sought out for illegal fights.

In the comments section, we share our thoughts on our own pets and how we feel about cruelty against animals.



  • Where do you stand on this issue?