Summer is a great time for kids, but what about parents? Below are some keywords and concepts to help you manage your family’s summer.

Summer Camps are a great solution for parents who work full-time and want to expose their children to different activities. Children can go to Sleep Away Camp where they stay for increments of weeks or months in the summer. These camps teach responsibility, as campers learn to take care of themselves, as this is often the first time they are away from their parents for an extended period of time. Campers create lasting memories of being adventurous during the day and then enjoying activities like singing around a camp fire or telling scary stories at night. Day Camps are a modification of Sleep Away camps that take place during regular work hours. Children go to a camp during the day where they can participate in fun activities with their friends. It is a great alternative if your children are not ready to be away from home, or if the cost of sleep away camps is too high.

Amusement Parks are a must for Florida residents. Take a trip to Orlando for a summer of water parks, roller coasters, and shows. Remaining weekends can be filled with other unforgettable activities like: local beaches, state parks, movies, and museums. By making a schedule of possible activities, you will ensure your family is entertained for the whole summer. Regular trips to your local library will also ensure your little ones have something productive to do in their down time. Books also come in handy when it is raining – which is pretty much everyday if you live in Miami!

Play Dates allow parents to share childcare burdens while allowing their kids to spend time together. If you are new to town, send notes to your child’s classmates before the school year is over with your address and phone number. While setting up a play date in English can seem intimidating, it will be great practice for your language skills! Be sure to take turns hosting playdates, and don’t be shy about becoming friends with other parents! Invite parents to share a drink or snack while the children play.


  • Describe your favorite summer activities.