Writing an essay in a foreign language can be challenging. The key is to have a clear message you want to get across through a well-organized essay. Here are some tips:


  • Choose your topic: If a topic is assigned to you, then decide which approach you want to take. Choose your position and brainstorm supporting evidence. If there is an open prompt, then think about topics which you could write extensively on.
  • Plan your paper: Take a piece of paper and write the main concepts you want to get across through your paper. Underneath each point, write points, like quotes, facts, or anecdotes which will help your point come across to the reader. 


  • Introduction: Start your introduction with an engaging short story, fact, or quote which relates to your central message. This first paragraph is the opportunity to grab the reader’s attention and convince them to continue reading. Include a thesis statement which clearly outlines your stance and what you will be discussing in the paper. 
  • Body paragraphs: The body paragraphs should each start with a topic sentence which introduces the point of the paragraph. Then, use sentences to give concrete examples on why your position is correct. Also consider mentioning a counter-argument if there is one. 
  • Conclusion: Conclude your paper by restating your thesis and summarizing your arguments. Leave a point which the reader will remember after finishing reading. 

Post writing 

  • Editing: Re-read the paper and correct any grammar or spelling mistakes. After, re-read it again to make sure the ideas make sense. Delete any sentences which are redundant. Have someone else read the paper to give you their opinion.


  • What advice can you give on writing an effective paper?