Two people meet during a business networking event. Take turns reading their dialogue, then check out Business Networking – Part 2 for speaking practice.

A: Hello, I’m Tracy. What’s your name?
B: Hi, Tracy. My name is Jaime.

A: Nice to meet you, Jaime!
B: Nice to meet you too. How are you liking the event?

A: So far so good! Is it your first time attending?
Yes! I saw an ad for it in the paper and thought it would be interesting. What about you?

A: Same! Though I have some coworkers here.
B: That’s great! What do you do?

A: I’m a lead accountant at JW. You?
B: I do brand marketing for Epple Sales.

A: Do you mind if we exchange cards? I have to get going soon.
B: Sure! It was a pleasure meeting you.

A: Likewise.


  • Do you ever attend networking events? Why or why not?