Going to a Pharmacy



Lily is picking up a prescription at her local pharmacy. 

Molly: Next in line. 

Lily: Hi, I’m here to pick up a prescription. 

Molly: Okay, what’s your name?

Lily: Lily Matson. 

Molly: Okay, and can you verify your address?

Lily: Sure, it’s 555 Little Street. 

Molly: Great! It seems like you have an insurance co-pay of $25. 

Lily: That’s fine. 

Molly: How would you like to pay?

Lily: Credit card. 

Lily pays using credit card. 

Molly: Here you go. Have a great day!

Lily: Oh, wait! I have a quick question: Can I continue taking my other medications? 

Molly: Let me check your other prescriptions in my system to confirm. 

Molly types on the computer. 

Molly: Okay, yes this doesn’t interfere with your other medications. 

Lily: Thank you! Have a great day!


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