Dr. Xiomara Rivera Pagán from Language Policy Consultants LLC is a leading expert on crafting personalized (equitable) language policies. In the video above, she sits down with Monica to discuss language learning ideologies, standardized language ideology, and personal experiences with language policy.

Towards the end of the interview, Dr. Pagán asks what would you have told yourself about language learning when you were younger? After reflecting on her childhood, Monica imagines a shift in bilingual identities. Rather than a loss, bilingualism is an amazing opportunity to gain new perspectives and connect to ones heritage.

After this discussion, we were able to meet and craft an explicit language policy for Language Snaps: “Language snaps focuses on tackling misconceptions surrounding language learning, accents, and standardized languages in an effort to empower students to become confident bilingual English speakers.”

Reflect on your own experiences as a language learner. Do you feel pressure to speak or write a certain way, or to speak each language ‘perfectly’? Or do you find spaces to explore, have fun, and enjoy your language learning journey? Share your thoughts below, on instagram, or in one of Monica’s classes.

P.S. For more on language policy, check out Dr. Pagán’s blog posts on policy, multilingualism, and equity.


  • What is your personal language policy?
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