Dear Language Snaps,

Contrary to my last name, I actually hate fish. Just imagining a roll of sushi makes my stomach upset! Unfortunately, while almost everyone knows this about me, my new boss decided to honor me with a fish buffet! She had the idea after I landed a big contract and in the heat of the moment I went along with her excitement! Now I can either come clean and admit I lied, or have an awful time at dinner. I don’t which is worse!

Please Help,

Mr. Pescatarian

Dear Mr. Pescatarian,

You’re in a sticky situation! While we admire your perseverance in potentially attending the dinner, it’s best to come clean. It’s true – your boss might be offended that you went along with an idea you actually didn’t like. But don’t you think everyone would think you’re being fishy if you don’t eat during your own dinner party? Instead, tell your boss about the misunderstanding and suggest other dinner plans.


Language Snaps


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