Dear Language Snaps,

This is my first time writing you. I have faithfully read your column every Sunday for as long as I can remember but never felt the need to write until now! The problem is that I found out a very big secret and worry I will spill the beans at any moment.  It really bothers me that I can’t tell anyone my niece won the lottery. The day I saw the ticket she called me a “big mouth” and said my days were “numbered” if I told anyway. What should I do?? Even her threat is not as bad as keeping this all to myself!


Big Mouth

Dear Big Mouth,

That is a very complicated situation! On the one hand, your niece has a right to her privacy, especially since winning a lot of money can be dangerous. But on the other hand, carrying someone else’s is a burden you should not have been entrusted with. I have thought a lot about this, and the only solution I see is to shred the ticket along with any evidence she ever won it. I think that will be the best for everyone involved. I hope I helped with your problem and that you keep on reading my column.


Language Snaps


  • How do you feel about keeping secrets for other people?
  • Do you think you have a big mouth? Explain.
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