When Melody was fifteen years old, her grandmother gave her a necklace which belonged to her great-great-grandmother. It was beautiful and had pearls hanging on a gold chain. After Melody’s grandmother passed away, Melody clung to the necklace as a memory of her. Years have passed. Melody moved out of her hometown and to the big city. She tried to make it as a comedian. Every night, she would go to the bar in her neighborhood and perform stand-up comedy. She spent the afternoon crafting new jokes hoping to entertain the few people in the audience.

She heard a knock on the door. It was her landlord. “Melody, your rent is two weeks late,” he said. “I can definitely have it for you by Friday,” she replied knowing very well she wouldn’t be able to find $700 in less than a week. “Okay, but Friday is your last chance. After that, I’ll be forced to evict you.” “I understand. Thank you.,” replied Melody.

She walked to her sofa and thought of her options. There was no chance she would make the money through comedy. She thought of getting another side job, but realized she wouldn’t be paid in time. Then, the thought crossed her mind that she could try selling some of her belongings. She looked around at her small apartment filled with old used furniture.

“Nothing is worth enough money.” In a panic, her eyes landed on her grandmother’s necklace. “Oh no, I can’t sell it,” she thought. “But maybe this is my grandmother’s last gift to me. She could get me out of this mess.”

She grabbed her coat and walked to the nearest pawn shop. “How much is this worth?” she said laying the necklace on the counter. “Well this is a real pearl and real gold. I’ll give you $700.” Melody, before she could give it much thought, took the money and left the store.


  • Why does Melody sell her grandmother's necklace?
  • Did Melody have any other options? Explain.