Anita works for a grocery delivery program. Everyday, she logs onto the Groceries 2Day app to see if any customers have requested her services. Once an order comes in, she heads to the grocery store.

The app lists each item in a customer’s shopping list, complete with instructions, like “make sure you check the expiration date!” Once she finds all the items on the list, she heads to the checkout line. After paying the bill, she heads towards the customer’s house.

Next comes Anita’s favorite part: seeing the customers! When Anita first started delivering groceries, everyone was a stranger. Now, she has regulars  who use the service every week. Mr. Bolton is a retiree, and often invites her for a glass of water. Mrs. Jenkins, a busy writer, tends to give a great tip. And finally there’s Anna and Jason, whose kids always run up to say hi.

The downside to her job? Never having the energy to do her own groceries!


  • Does Anita like her job? Explain.
  • What are some benefits of getting groceries delivered
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