The meaning of counter and count fluctuates in English. Here are several iterations of each term:

Numerical (Noun/Verb)

  • I am going to start the counter when you say ‘Go!’
  • Count to ten after I hide!

Surface (Noun)

  • They left the papers on the counter.
  • Clean the counter top before you leave.

Inclusion (Phrasal Verb)

  • Yes, I love parties! Count me in → (I will attend)
  • Uh, I hate games. Count me out → (I will not participate)


  • The broken ones don’t count.
  • Of course you count, get in here!

Counter is also part of various compound nouns while count is the root of many wors.

Counter Offer

Responding to an offer with different terms.

  • Their counter offer was too good to pass by.
  • What kind of counter offer is that? It’s so much lower!


An action that negates or contracts another action.

  • I know you mean well, but throwing away items you already own for earth-friendly alternatives is counteractive.

More examples: countdown, counter attack, countenance.


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