Penelope and Fredrick have been dating for two years. Tonight, on November 2, Penelope was planning on breaking up with Fredrick. After speaking to several friends about it, she knew that she had to leave the relationship. She loved him, but he did not treat her well, as he was uncontrollably jealous. Fredrick’s jealousy stemmed from the fear that Penelope would leave him first chance she got. The truth is, that Frederick was the one who fancied someone else. He looked in the mirror before leaving to pick Penelope up to go to dinner “I think we should break up,” he practiced. With that, he grabbed his coat and walked out the door. 

They were going to a nice restaurant tonight, as they usually did. Fredrick pulled out the chair for Penelope as she sat down. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to talk to you about,” said Penelope. “Me too, actually,” replied Fredrick. 

Before anything could be said, the waiter came to bring some bread to the table. The waiter, looked overly joyful and winked at Fredrick as he placed the bread on the table. Penelope went to grab a piece of bread, when she gasped. Where the butter should have been placed, there was a red box, opened with an engagement ring inside. “What is it?,” asked Fredrick looking in the bread basket. At that point, the whole restaurant was looking at him, waiting for the question to come out of his mouth. He could feel the sweat drip down his face, as he looked at a waiter holding a bottle of champagne, ready to be popped. Penelope, confused as ever, stared at him as the words “Marry me?” came out of his mouth. Unable to break up with him with an entire restaurant’s attention of her, she said “Okay.” They both smiled and kissed. The waiter brought champagne and other diners clapped their hands. They went home happy that night, neither of them knowing that they had both planned to end their relationship.