Kate and her friends are in line to go ice skating. They are waiting to purchase their tickets. 

Fred: Hi! How can I help you?

Kate: Hey! We’ll need three tickets. 

Fred: Okay. Do you need to rent skates?

Kate: Yes. 

Fred: Okay. What are your shoe sizes?

Kate: Two 7.5 and one 9, please.

Fred: Okay. Do you need to rent a locker for your belongings?

Kate: Yes, please.

Fred: Are you paying together or separately?

Kate: Together. 

Fred: Okay. It will be $35. How would you like to pay?

Kate: Credit card. 

Fred: Here you go. You can pick up your skates at the next counter.


  • Do you enjoy ice skating? Why or why not?
  • What is your favorite sport? Why?