Learning a new language is all about communication. As students, we read what others write, write what others read, and continuously hone in our listening skills. But how often do we practice conversation? If you’re not in an immersive environment or taking an English class, follow the tips below to improve your speaking:

Listen and Repeat: Repeatedly pause your favorite movie or TV show to repeat what the actresses and actors are saying. Try to match their intonation and flow.
Listen and Respond: Participate in real-life situations by listening to a recording of a native speaker and responding each time they ask a question.
Join an Audio Forum: Platforms such as Discord and ClubHouse are great places to meet people and practice English through audio chats.
Narrate Yourself: Describe your actions around the house. Like, when cooking, say “I’m chopping the onions now!” You’ll get great practice while making a note you need to look up later.

Did any of these tips resonate with you? Or do you have other ideas on how to practice English conversation? Comment below if you’d like to share!


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