A Year in Review: 2020 Snaps



The year 2020 has been quite chaotic and full of unexpected occurrences. Our hearts are heavy as we look back – but hopeful as we look forward. One thing that has encouraged us during trying times are the amount of people who have remained invested in learning a new language. Below are the snaps and resources that stood out the most:

Most Popular Snaps

  1. Debate: Should individuals be fined for not recycling?
  2. Debate: Would you rather swim in the ocean or the pool?
  3. Debate: Is eating out or eating in better?
  4. Debate: Should Zoos be Banned?
  5. Debate: Is being a child better than being an adult?

Most Popular Resources

  1. Without Spending a Dime
  2. Exceptions to Subject-Verb Agreement
  3. Independent vs Dependent Clauses
  4. Vocabulary: Binge/Binging
  5. Introduction to Modal Verbs

Where do our students live?

  1. United States (Miami Metro Area)
  2. India
  3. Brazil
  4. Turkey

Snapping around the globe: where are people studying with Language Snaps?

United States, India, Canada, United Kingdom, Philippines, Spain, Australia, Argentina, France, Malaysia, Brazil, China, Germany, Indonesia, Pakistan, Turkey, Vietnam, Ireland, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Colombia, Honduras, South Africa, Iran, Ukraine, Switzerland, Netherlands, Portugal, Chile, Egypt, Romania, UAE, Algeria, Hungry, Sri Lanka, Lithuania, Nigeria, Sweden, Czechia, Finland, Greece, Hong Kong, Israel, Jordan, Qatar, Cyprus, Croatia, Jamaica, Morocco, Macao, Norway, Panama, Uzbekistan, Austria, Bosnia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Belarus, Denmark, Kenya, Kuwait, Lebanon, Venezuela. Haiti, and last but not least, Peru.

Thank you all for your continued support! May 2021 shine brighter and take you even further in language-learning!


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